S01 Episode 3: Do You See What I See / by Unexplained Podcast

The crash that never was... Original article in The Sheffield Star, March 25th 1997

The crash that never was... Original article in The Sheffield Star, March 25th 1997

The stories we tell can often be said to reveal certain truths about ourselves, and yet, the notion of truth is the most elusive of things.

For the residents located near Howden Moor in the North East of England, the strange events that occurred on one spring night in 1997 would test their credulity to the limit…

They say the truth is out there, but does it even exist?

Featuring the extraordinary story of The Howden Moor Incident.

Research, writing, music and production by Richard MacLean Smith.

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I’m indebted to the exhaustive work carried out on the subject of The Howden Moor Incident by Journalist and Research Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University, Dr. David Clarke.

You can read more about his highly sceptical interpretation of the events here:


You can listen to the extraordinary account of J. Allen. Hynek’s time working for Project Blue Book here:


And if you want to report a sighting yourself, where better than to report it to the J. Allen. Hynek centre for UFO studies:


Here’s a video of perhaps the most famous experiment to determine inattentional blindness, if you haven’t seen it I wont give it away…


Something I didn’t quite manage to squeeze into the episode but weirdly interesting nonetheless… This is the original and oddly fascinating website for the Heaven’s Gate cult preparing it’s followers for the arrival of Hale Bopp comet: