S01 Episode 7: Ghosts in Time / by Unexplained Podcast


For all the many elements that constitute the paranormal, there are few things quite as evocative as the notion of ghosts.  

There are of course the ghosts that we carry with us in our daily lives, memories of those we have loved and lost or perhaps even wronged.  Thoughts that sit in the deepest parts of the psyche, straining to become manifest.

But what of the apparitions that seem not to have been brought forth from our unconscious, those that have no connection to the observer but instead seem for all the world to be reaching out to us from a seemingly timeless space?  

Featuring the intriguing mysteries of Borley Rectory

Research, writing, music and production by Richard MacLean Smith.


Some interesting links:

(See transcript for full list of sources)

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Borley Rectory, Borley, England c. 1920s

Borley Rectory, Borley, England c. 1920s