S03 Episode 1: We Are The Witchcraft (Pt. 3 of 3) / by Unexplained Podcast


The final instalment of S03 Episode 1: We Are The Witchcraft

(Contains adult themes)

John Maynard Keynes described Isaac Newton as the last of the magicians; the last person of science for whom the gnostic mysteries still held some sway.

In 1914 another scientist and magician was born. Jack Parsons would go on to help establish NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab developing a rocket fuel that will put the human race on the moon.

In 1946, Parsons would also attempt a complicated magic ritual in the hope of manifesting the divine goddess Babalon. Some say he did it too.

In 1952 Parsons was killed in a catastrophic explosion at his house in what many believe to be mysterious circumstances that to this day remain unexplained...

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