S04 Episode 8: Death's Pale Flag (Pt.2 of 2) / by Unexplained Podcast


Part Two of S04 Episode 08: Death's Pale Flag

In 1980, a stranger walked into a village marketplace in Haiti claiming to be a local landowner named Clairvius Narcisse. After interviewing the man and his family, local authorities confirmed that he was indeed who he said he was. The only problem was that Clairvius had been dead and buried for 18 years. 

Two year’s later, inspired by Clairvius’ story ethnobiologist Wade Davis was sent to Haiti on a mission to find out just how exactly this could have happened. What he eventually discovered was far more bizarre than anything he could have possibly imagined. 

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Clairvius Narcisse c. 1985

Clairvius Narcisse c. 1985