S01 Episode 8 Extra: Into the Myst / by Unexplained Podcast

Angelino Dulcert's portolan chart 1339

Angelino Dulcert's portolan chart 1339

In last week’s episode, When the Light Fades, we looked at the haunting tale of the Lightkeepers of Eilean Mór.

The island was often referred to as ‘the other country’, a place where a mysterious otherworld had touched with our own mortal world.  It is a sentiment reserved for a number of remote islands from around the world.

Though many will be familiar with the mythical Atlantis or the lost land of Lemuria, there is one island, once thought to be located a few hundred miles off the south coast of Ireland that may just prove the strangest of them all...

Featuring the mythical land of Hy Brasil

Research, writing, music and production by Richard MacLean Smith.

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